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Welcome to qaf_layouts! This community was created to celebrate Showtime's QAF characters through LiveJournal layouts.

Please take a few moments to read through the userinfo before going any further.

This community is members only, so you'll have to join before you'll be able to see any of the layouts.

When posting layouts please include:
-Screenshot of what the layout looks like
-The colors
-The images
-The code

You can also post:
-Friends Only banners

Link to us:

[X]When taking anything from this community, you must credit either qaf_layouts or the person who made the layout in your userinfo.
[X]This is not a request community. You can request layouts at request_alayout. If you request one here, you'll get a warning and your post will be deleted. If you do it again, you'll be banned from the community.
[X]Comment when taking a layout.
[X]Save all graphics to your own server unless otherwise stated.
[X]Don't disable comments on your posts. If you don't want comments, don't post here.
[X]Don't criticize the work of layout/graphic makers. If you don't like it, pass it by, don't bitch about it.
[X]No flame wars. If you want to bitch, do it at your personal journals.
[X]Do not advertise here! This is not an advertising community. You can post your ads at community_promo. Same consequences as requesting.

Mod: monticora

Hey all! my name is Cael and I'm the creater of this community. Feel free to email me anytime at cmspillane@hotmail.com. Also feel free to check out my personal journal or my other QAF community to dedicated to witty and dramatic quotes, conversations, and dialouges throughout the season of Queer as Folk. That community is qafquotes

If you'd like to become an affiliate, comment here.

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